Saturday, June 22, 2013

Xbox One is a Day One purchase... but the PS4 can wait

It's exciting all this next gen nonsense, isn't it? We all wait with baited breath for details about the Xbox One and PS4, finally sit through the reveal shows and then the world is flooded with a torrent of fanboyism, hatred and envy.

I'm an advocate of Sony but must admit that all the people jumping on the PS4 bandwagon have surprised me a little these past few weeks. Granted, Microsoft has been guilty of fanning the proverbial flames with its dumbass DRM PR strategy and the misjudged promotion of its shiny new console as an entertainment hub. Turns out gamers don't want an expensive machine that offers services we already use everyday through our smart phones and televisions. Who'd have thought, eh?

And the latest twist is the tail is Micro$oft caving in to all the criticism and mockery and renouncing its lofty ambitions for a digital future. Must admit, I'm a little disappointed about the change of heart; access to your entire games library wherever you are and the Family Sharing facility sounded like a real trump card in the console war. Ah well, my preorder is already placed and I'm still psyched about it. Here's why:

Kinect is mandatory
This point is guaranteed to divide the masses but I actually think this will be a good thing! And before the haters start, there's a privacy feature to stop Microsoft snooping 24/7 - and if you're uber paranoid about being watched, why not just switch your Xbone off at the mains when you're done gaming... (or you can now just disconnect your internet connection if you're that bothered). Anyways, the fact that everyone will own the souped up motion controller means it might finally be able to reach its full potential; developers will be able to invest time and money into harnessing its power in the knowledge that everyone has access to one. Conversely, PS4 owners will be buying controllers with integrated sensors that can't be fully used unless they own the optional EyeToy camera. How many software houses are going to work that into their games if the user base is so small? The first Kinect was clever but mediocre, whereas this new version can capture six players at once, work in a smaller play area and even see you in the dark!

The controller is king
This is clearly personal preference but the Xbox controller is arguably one of the best ever. It's comfortable to hold during even the longest gaming sessions, nicely weighted, and all the buttons and triggers are nicely positioned... could it get any better? Hell yeah. There are a raft of improvements in the new version - 40+ improvements in fact - including impulse triggers, tweaked analogue sticks and a better D-Pad.

Moving forward not standing still. That's what many of us came away with after Microsoft's May reveal. Not only was this a machine capable of better-looking graphics and had a bit more grunt under the hood, but there were plenty of other notable features. A Blu-Ray player is included, Kinect is significantly enhanced, the controller improved and more servers have been set aside for Xbox Live. The cloud means game worlds can be dynamic and constantly updated, and that a lot of that boring old processing can be done remotely and in the background, giving your Xbox some extra capacity to do more important calculations and technical stuff. Although it's now canned, the DRM meant that discs weren't needed after the initial install and all your games could be played on another Xbox. Not only that but the (also defunct) Family Share feature would have slashed costs for households and allowed you to nominate 10 "family members" to access your library. It shows, at least, that Microsoft is trying to innovate and drag us into the digital era. Some of its plans could have been thought out more so as not to screw over us consumers quite so much - but in principle, the ideas were quite interesting. Hopefully, some of these functions will come back eventually (the fact a simple patch is all that's required to switch them off means that they may eventually be reintroduced when the plans are ironed out a bit).

This is a pretty cool feature despite the naysayers. Connecting your satellite receiver and having an integrated box, with voice and gesture control sounds kind of good to me. And screen in screen will be a boon too - watching the televised football while hacking zombies to death would be great.Major Nelson even suggested your 360 could be plugged in too - making use of the interface and providing instant backwards compatibility, kind of.

Xbox Live still trumps PS+
PlayStation Plus is now mandatory to play online so the whole argument about the exorbitant cost of Live has been watered down somewhat. Of course, you get free games and other benefits with PS+ but at least Microsoft is starting to introduce that too now (albeit with older titles right now) with Fable III, Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed II the first ones available. Add in the promise of all those thousands of servers, the cloud and all the other things that make Live such a successful online system and it's just another reason to snap up the Xbone. Oh, and all your achievements, gamerscore and profile details carry over too! Addiction guaranteed for another few years at least - beats the hell out of those Sony Trophies!

The games look great
Who can argue that the E3 conference didn't contain a decent selection of great new games? The likes of Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, Quantum Break and Halo (all exclusives) look awesome. And I really liked the look of Insomniac's mental new shooter and of course, Respawn's TitanFall. It's personal choice sure but few of the PS4 titles really grabbed me - graphically they looked great but Sony's exclusives didn't show such a great leap forward from current gen titles for me.

The next few months will sure be interesting. Expect many more announcements, arguments and controversy. Right now, this far exceeds the vitriol seen in those halcyon days of the 8-bit rivalry between the Master System and NES, or the head to head bewteen the Megadrive and SNES a while later. 

Xbox and PlayStation owners can rest assured, however, that whichever system they opt for, this generation is shaping up nicely. For me, it's the Xbone that's going to be first out the box - purely because its promise and potential seems far greater. The PS4 can wait.


PS4 + PC best for pure gaming!

I rather buy a new more powerful video card for my PC than buying Xbox One...

Cause we all know most X1 "exclusive games are also on the PC"

what an absolute xbot turd! the free games on xbox live are only been given till the end of the year, nothing after that. pretty much completely missing the fact that ps4 is more powerful, sony springing on a more powerful console as per usual.

To all idiots who can't take Windows:

PC = Windows Games

You'll need MS Windows os to play.


Wow, are you joking about the graphics on the weak Xbox One being better than PS4? Titanfall looks like a last-gen 360 game, Quantum Break was just a rendered cinematic, and Ryse was a glorified QTE (quick-time event) game. On the other hand, Infamous Second Son, Destiny, and Killzone Shadow Fall look absolutely STUNNING, and were 100% running on PS4 hardware (whereas most of the Xbone games you mentioned were either rendered trailers or running high-end Nvidia PCs).

For you to even claim that Xbone's graphics look "awesome" and that "PS4 doesn't look like much of a leap" is ridiculous and absurd, to say the least. There's a reason why almost all of the multiplatform games (Destiny, Assassin's Creed 3, Thief, Watch Dogs, etc.) were shown on PS4 instead of the Xbone. That's because it's almost guaranteed that all of these games will look superior on the PS4.

Anyway, not trying to change your mind or anything, but I'm just warning you and reminding you before you finalize your purchase that the PS4 has greater than 150% the graphics horsepower of the weak Xbox One, and that's BEFORE factoring in the severely slow DDR3 RAM that the Xbox One uses. I hope you'll be happy for the next couple years playing with the significantly weaker console. I'll be enjoying my PS4 this November, with its superior graphical performance and launch lineup.



PC games is mostly for Windows platform, so Microsoft is still winning on either Windows or Xbox platforms.

Multiplatforms always belong to MS platforms.

Windows + Xbox = Megaton WIN

PS4 =

Garbage article written only for hits. Congrats on being a media parasite.

Aww, we PC Gamers have already been gaming & laughing on GDDR5 for quite a while now, what is the poopstation4 fanboys thinking?

Oh boy. are entitled to your opinion. I am just surprised at the amount of people who were willing to give up their rights and privacy for some misguided allegiance or short sighted benefits which are not necessarily innovative. It doesn't matter if it's Microsoft or Sony, don't ever let these corporations entice you to give up your rights as a consumer. An all digital future is coming. Just not right now. Have a little patience. Your right as a consumer is way more important than a family share plan.

By November or even later, both XB1 and PS4 GPUs will get waaaay behind the competition, overpowered by 3 TFlops PC GPUs from AMD and Nvidia.

Lol at the "Microsoft wins because of PC gaming" argument. Microsoft doesn't see a single PENNY from all those dozens of PC games sold. Steam (or Origin, etc.) gets the profits.

PC gaming is MICROSOFT platform too.
MS gets the money from Windows OS installed in PC gamers' computers, not from the games. Soooo, still tons of money for M$...lololol

Just look at the MS share price, is wayy beyond the pitty Sony...bwahahahwa

XBOX WON for me !!!

Xbox One has the best games FULL STOP, if there's one thing I got from E3... it was that the Xbox One had the best exclusives and best multiplatform reveals(with no LAG). We all know that any multiplatform game stands a massive chance of being BETTER on Xbox Won anyways(timed exclusives and DLC)

ps4 just doesn't look like an innovation to me... it's just a pc in a box. sony consoles used to be something special... something different. Now the sony console is JUST a pc in a box(And oh boy what a shitty looking box as well. People were whinging about the Xbox One design, but boy oh boy, the ps4 looks seriously cheap in comparison).

So I'll keep my PC with Steam and buy an Xbox Won for the excellent AAA exclusives.

Wow, MS is not winning because of the windows platform, because windows 7 at least is an open platform. They don't get to capitalize on steam sales. Windows 8 however is a fucking mess. So in actual fact no MS is not winning just because of PC gaming, it doesn't work like that. Even Sony games are on PC. I think people where freaking about over xbox 24 hour check in, to me and all the people I know, there is no real issue with a 24 hour check in, the used games policy was a bit shit but they had a sharing policy. Xbox 360 was so poor in its final years, but I'll prob pick both console going for PS4 first though

Herer is the new Xbox One headset

It's just like every Microsoft console, the first year and a half you get 10 new exclusives and then the next 6 years you're only getting halo, forza and gears...
This is coming from an Xbox fan, who has been getting impatient with Microsoft.

Xbox One first then a Wii U & maybe a PS.

This site sucks and some of your info about ps is incorrect. You never had your hands on either machine yet you make assumptions. I haven't chosen a side yet but i find it sad that you base your opinion on other articles you find on the internet. I hope this site keeps getting low views cause the editors on here are retarted.

you actually cite a fucking blu-ray player as innovation? boy you need to take those microsoft goggles off and join us here in the real world you Xdrone. welcome to 2006 if you think a blu-ray player is innovative you fool

Lol yea and the ps3 was SOOOOO MUCH MORE POWERFUL too right?????? Uh.......check the facts Jack, ps3 LOST!!!!! I will take my weaker (yea right) console over that $ hitty gaystation ANY DAY........

Great article! Cant wait to play with my xbox one!!! Bring it on!

You're a dope. The Xbone is a piece of crap. Anyone wasting their money on it is an idiot. But I guess that's what you are anyway.

Wow..look at all the Sony fanboys get butt hurt about the truth.


Oh GAWD, are you REALLY that foolish?!?!?!? 150% huh?!?!? Are you sure it's not.......200%????? Pretty obvious you wouldn't even know how to program radio station pre-sets on a car radio LOL..... DON'T believe the horseshit you read on the internet because BELIEVE're VERY WRONG.......

Xbox ONE is awesome. the graphics look better on xbox one to me so imo there is way more power in there than i thought.

I'm curious who paid you to write this article. You claim to be a Sony advocate, and then go on to make a number of meaningless and baseless comments about why you should buy the Xbox one on day one. The controller is king. Have you used the PS4 controller? Considering reports from E3 say that the PS4 controller is vastly improved and better than the One controller, where is your basis for this? You say that Xbox Live is king, but then do nothing to explain why it's better than what PS4 will offer with PS Plus. And how does the possibility of the Kinect gaining mainstream support mean you should buy the Xbox One? What has been shown for Kinect that is interesting, meaningful, or advancing how we interact with games compared to what's already out there?

These sort of FUD pieces are insulting, and do not advance gaming journalism nor do they benefit anyone other than people who enjoy engaging in the console war.

Xbox been dead for quiet sometimes now, no one talks about xbox anymore, don't know why? no more good games? aw!

xbox can't beat ps so ms go with the wii ways LOl

ofc ps4 is better than xbox1!!!

why is it call xbox 1 anyways??

should it be call xbox 3???? u tell me

So this really was just a xbox fanboy telling people why he thinks the xbox is better. All opinions, no positive facts. The Xbone could the exact same as the 360 and you would still get it. Give up on trying to give people from going with the PS4 because you're afraid the xbox install base will disappear and you'll be left to play your xbone games online all alone.

"We all wait with baited breath" I tired of people using this, give it a break... Oh next time write something with facts and give good reasons why stop the fanboyism.

I guess this is what N4G is all about now. Foolish articles written by foolish pricks only looking for internet fame. I hope those Microsofty checks you're getting are worth it.

This was so funny, he says things like "I'm an advocate of Sony" and keeps calling the Xbox One "The Xbone" to get a pass and not seem like his a fan-boy but the truth comes out as you read his article. Everything about what he wrote was centered around his Fanboyism, if nothing this was just a funny read for me. I own a Kinect my little sister used it at first but guess what it just seats above my TV collecting dust and the same thing will happen to this one, we will all mess with it at first and then no one will care for it. I hate to see development for a great game being wasted in trying to add Kinect support that's time that could be put into making graphics and game-play better this thing is sucking up ram. I did pre-order an Xbox one but I so pre-ordered a PS4 cause I'm a fan of games but you Sir are a Parasite like someone else here mentioned. Next time write things that have a purpose and don't hide your true feeling behind sarcasm. What you said about PS Plus on PS4 is True they are charging for Multiplayer now but you do get instant games collection and they are not charging you to watch netflix or other services on your box that should be free cause your already paying for them. The Xbox free games will only last till almost the end of this year and that's it, yeah you may get that HDMI-IN but guess what it's not going to work properly unless you pay for Xbox live cause all the services like picture in picture, Kinect Voice use, Skype and Netflix all that stuff wont work without Xbox live. If you don't pay for live you'll have a Brick seating between your Satellite Box and your TV.

Do you know what else is wrong? That cloud computing bullshit Microsoft is talking about. Sure, it sounds futuristic, but people like you don't realise that you need internet for that to work. What if you don't have the internet? Will the game that uses cloud be half as good as it should be? At least PS4's hard would be able to handle it AND it's 100$ cheaper...

Great read! Glad to see someone else can see past the ignorance of the internet's flaming hatred in order to recognize the real potential behind the XBOX One. Microsoft is not the devil of the industry, but rather, in my opinion, the more forward-looking of the two companies. Both consoles look great, but I'll be grabbing up the XBOX on day one for many of these same reasons!

Yet the ps3 was $200 more expensive at launch last time and uh......there wasnt anything WRONG with that.....was there????? For those who conveniently DON'T remember, the ps3 launched their 60GB sku for......NEWSFLASH: $599..... The developers HATED developing for it because of that retarded cell processor (which $ ony has now DITCHED if you didn't notice) The games on 360 ALWAYS looked better in the beginning because the dev kits they gave to their devs were dogshit unless you were an in-house dev........

Entertain what ever illusions you will about the processing power of the ps4. Let $ ony play you as the fool because that is exactly what has happened. Thankfully, I'm not foolish enough to fall for it. Have a nice day....... ;)

OMG!!! The console I play is better than the console you play!!!

Some days I'm ashamed to admit I'm A gamer....

I'll probably get both.. and the PS+ is not mandatory for every games.. games company have the choice to run on there own servers.

If you're going to throw the RAM argument around then you are an absolute moron. I'll gladly pay $1,000 to everyone here if anyone manages to use the full processing power that DDR5 would allow in a console game. Both are great machines. Accept it and let the anger go. You'll sleep better.

Fanboys.... Fanboys every where.

Ps4 Fankids- Seriously,What is Wrong with Them?
X-1 Fankids- Respect, I like that

XBOX The Last ONE...nuff said

stupid M$ fanboys,they are REALLY DUMB...did u get payed well to write that nonsense BULLSHIT?

BUT HEY U HAVE BLURAY NOW!!Now u are closer to ps3...

Kinect being mandatory is not a plus -__-

Multiple other sources who have actually held both controllers have said they prefer the ps4 controller...

PS4 has the cloud computing as well. This is completely different from Gaikai which is a cloud streaming service for last gen games

I have a remote and I can change it to Cable if I wanna watch tv...I don't want HDMI In -__-

Xbox Live is cool but Xbox Live is now doing something that PS+ has been doing for years now which is offering free games...but not only that you get discounted games, betas, free themes and avatars, and 1 hour game trials for any game...I mean, I think PS+ is better causa that but its your choice.

The games don't look that good I mean. Ryse is just quick time events....we never saw Halo Gameplay, never saw sunset overdrive gameplay, or Quantum Break Gameplay...I need to seee the gameplay of all these titles before I can decide..Titanfall looks like it has awesome gameplay (which is why I'm getting it and a xbox one) but it is cross gen so it doesn't look that good. It looks fun to play.

Buying PS4 first then Xbox One when all the games announced at xbox conference come out...

I own both 360 and PS3 since launch. You buy the console for the exclusives. Weigh out which console you prefer. Playstation has always wbeen about RPG's where Xbox shooters. I will get both consoles but prefer Xbox because I play more shooters. I like how Microsoft is looking to change the way you use a console and dissapointed that they listened to the so called "community" which is probably a bunch of 12 year olds complaining about something that they dont even understand. Who doesnt have an internet connection these days??? Who wouldnt want to utilize the 10 friends to share games with via cloud?? Xbox Live is WAY better and will always be. PS+ was garbage and I do not see it getting any better. About their power. It will take a few years until either systems potential has been touched. The fact that PS4 is more powerful just means with multiplatform games, the devs will program for the weaker of the two so PS4 will never utilize that power. However, Ps4's exclusives will which will make this console ideal solely for exclusives. I have always preferred xbox controllers mainly due to shooters. I could never get used to ps3. From the looks and tweaks xbox has made I can assume I will prefer thos controller as well. It does suck the pricing for Xbox due to kinect. The 360's kinect sucks and I do own one and have used it once. Hopefully they will do something with it this time. I dont see anything happening with PS move. I think that is dead at this point. Ps move was a better concept in my opinion but had so many flaws. My two cents on the console war.

I agree with you. well said. The weaker of the two technically is the generation leader as it's limitations are what multi platform titles will be programmed for.

I came here to read the comments section.

Uuuh the ps3 IS much more powerful than the 360.. also the ps3 lost by what 200k systems?? And the 360 came out a YEAR b4 the 3.. somy lost a LOT of gamers to MS due to late release and a high price tag...get YOUR facts straight.. silly rabbit.. PS4

On a side note, haven't M'soft recently announced a SKU not including Kinect? If so I think it's dumb, because it voids the main benefits of the device as far as gaming goes. If consumers won't have it, then devs aren't going to build meaningful games around it

Your arguments are tepid, sir.
1) Manditory Kinect.
While some of its features are cool novelty, you are still assuming that people want that shit in their games. They don't. And any implementation will still come down to waving your arms our shouting at the box in embarrasing ways.

2) The controller is king
Despite "40 improvements", the only practical imporovement is the feedback triggers, which are cool, but where are the other 49? Dualshock 4 has far more practical upgrades like knowing instantly who has which controller (hot-swapping) detecting the controller position in 3d space and of course the share button. Alot of love coming out of E3 for this controller.
3) Innovation
"Better looking graphics" was courteousy of high-end PCs running a Nvidia GTX 780 at 60fps, NOT representative in ANY way of the XBONE's capability. PS4 by contrast were working on older, genuine dev kits and still kicking ass. Dev Jon Blow insists that XBONE is the graphical "hurdle" whereas PS4 is a sinch for ports. BF4 confirmed 60FPS and 64 players on BOTH consoles.
The cloud: Sony already confirmed that they can achieve higher performance and services with their cloud system (Gaikai) they just don't seem to think its a hughe deal.
"Family sharing was a 45 minute "demo" mode, so you can quit bitching about that one. I'd rather sent my disc out one person at a time and let them play as long as they want.
4)HDMI-In: I'll give you that one, but what is it for? Plugging in your 360 to save a TV port? PS4 has that covered with PS3 streaming. How about plugging in your cable box? Oh wait, thats in my TV already, which already has voice commands. And your rofile carries over? Really? Praise for something so fucking banal that is easy to implement and OUGHT to be done anyways? Sony is doing the same. They mentioned it once and moved on. again no big deal. Trophies by the way are exactly the same as achievements.
5)Xbox live still triumphs PS+
So, you think that paying $60 per year to access your subscription services and receive $10 worth of free 5-year-old games for 6 months is comparible to $1500 dollars worth of discounts EVERY MONTH including $300 of FREE AND RECENT titles such as Xcom, The Cave, LBP Karting and Kingdoms and also ONE BRAND NEW PS4 title every month after launch. Not to mention that your subscriptions are not behind a paywall and you will STILL have partychat for your F2P games without subscribing. Fuck, I can't even RECEIVE a voicemail from my friends if I'm not on XBox Gold. If you think that Gold is better valus, you sir are fucking NUTS.
6) The games look great: Well "duh". A next gen console that costs $500, they fuckin better! That said I think I'll pass on a QTE game and a bunch of rehashes of current XBLA games. I'll take Forza5 and I'll take Titanfall on my PS4 next year when the exclusivity runs out, in the meantime it will go on my 360. The rest can sit quietly on theshelf and gather dust. They have zero interest for me. I'll stick with innovation, self-publishing and high quality F2P. Tanks my arse.

Oh and don't forget, NEVER forget, despite the turnaround Microsoft will always be THAT company. The one that bent you over and tried to force its way in without any lube. Sony is a company, they want and need profit, but they still take care of you in the process.

Yeh ok, I typed "49" instead of "39". Excuse my typo, before you come hurtling down on my bad math.

This is just the most pathetic article I've read in a while, I would explain why, but I'm sure anyone with a brain would get when I'm talking about, and I also don't have time....

If you factor in the price for the ps4 against the X1, being that kinect thing mandatory and the difference is that ps4 uses GDDR5 memory which is dedicated to graphics against the slower ddr3 present in the X1, i can't help but wonder...especially since polyphony digital explained something interesting about GT6 on ps3 that adaptive tesselation trick being used on that game for ps3, kazunori yamauchi said the ps3 is an offbalance machine whereas a ps4 doesn't have those problems,it's raw power can be pushed to the limits which we (as in PD) will surely do check the article GREATNESS AWAITS :

Looks like usual M$ tactics, pay "independent" journalists to write this sort of hidden ads.

Man you hit it 100% spot on. Anyone who says the xbone is more powerful than the ps4 is delusional. The only thing you left out is that most of the exclusives the xbone has will most likely come to the ps4. They're mostly timed exclusives cuz Microsoft cut a check. When they asked the developers of titanfall and dead rising 3 about bringing thier games to the ps4 all they had to say was there's no plans right now. If they were true exclusives they simply would have said no. Plus the fact how Microsoft is trying to rape independent developers. Forcing them to have a publisher and making them pay $10,000 an update.

They both make monkeys

How is it that all the sony fans think that nexgen equals LAPTOP parts! Are you crazy and stupid?! Wow, amd mobile says a lot! Also the 7970m, my friend had that in a mac TWO years ago! Talk about nexgen! AMD came out and said that the next Xbox was able to do Avatar like graphics. Did they say that about ps4? NO! All we know about Xbox Ones spec is that it is running 8 GB DDR3 RAM which is versatile unlike the limited GraphicsDDR5 in the ps4 and it comes with an 8 Core AMD processor. XOne isn't even confirmed using the junk jaguar cpu that's CONFIRMED in the ps4! What garbage and last gen the ps4 is. If I want a ps4, I'll just go out and buy a laptop!!!

Your articles can't be taken seriously if you insist using terminology such as "Micro$oft." It just distracts from your point. It's an old, tired cliche' - stop using it. It's the type of thing I would expect to see from a 13 yr old who thinks he's being clever.

Uuuh FACT: the best selling console for the last 29 months is the 360. So go back to your hole and get YOUR facts straight silly wabbit.....200k units? Lol now that's funny. Don't quit your day job to become a comedian though because you will go broke.....

The problem is you people ONLY look at spec numbers and NOT the architecture/structure. Here is a comparison: Crapmaros have more horsepower than my Mustang but I WHIP them in drag/handling races. But the crapmaro has more horsepower/torque, it has the bigger engine, that's NOT possible.....Uh....yes it is, just ask the crapmaros I've WHIPPED. My vehicle is lighter/more streamlined, better aerodynamics. The crapmaro is too HEAVY by over 250 lbs, too clumsy with weight transfer which is why it doesn't handle as well. The point being that numbers don't tell the ENTIRE story. Go look at Mass Effect 3 on BOTH consoles.......The ps3 is so much more powerful. Yea???? Why doesn't it look SOOO much better then????? The guys at Bioware have that answer and will tell you that there isn't a whole lot of difference in the performance of either system. When you have good connections, you find out things the general public DOESN'T hear about and that is by design.....

Uh hello, I didn't read anything in that last post that said the xbox one was more powerful than the ps4.....Go read it again......What that poster is trying to day is that there really won't be a big difference with either system. Rape indy devs???? Oh my, you need provide your source for that load of crap.....I call your bluff.....

Well, this 'Op Ed' piece is truly proof of the old adage, "Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one."

Your opening statement essentially (and convincingly!) sells the PS4- then you turn around and say that regardless of all that, you're still sticking with the Xbone. The PS4 is $100 cheaper ($40 cheaper even if you include the optional camera), houses vastly superior GDDR5 RAM, a faster GPU, and arguably the best controller in the business (at least according to Battlefield 4 designers)!

Also, you might want to check your vision- all of PS4's exclusive reveals looked FAR more 'next gen' than anything in the Xbone stable. I know it's got a "game", but did you see Quantic Dream's 100% in-engine "Dark Sorcerer" demo for crying out loud?!

If the point of this op-ed was to get clicks, you've been a success- congrats. But otherwise, it's complete and utter rubbish.

ps4 has the superior hardware. plus i dont have to waste an extra 100 for that crappy kenect. i'm afraid for all the xbots bluster. xbox one is still in a losing battle at the moment. lower quality for a higher cost doesn't jump out to me

playstation has historically had better hardware than it's rivals.. and yet time after time loses financially to the likes of ninetendo and microsoft. And then there's the user community. The Playstation is kind of like a BMW. Lots of good stuff going on under the hood... but JESUS CHRIST the fucking owners are fucking douchebags!