Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Megabits' pick of E3 stories

Too busy to watch the live E3 coverage flowing from LA? Here are our top ten news snippets you need to know.

10) OUYA!
Independent console Ouya faced some unwanted attention from the LAPD, after the Entertainment Software Association called the cops on their small stall outside the expo centre.
Ouya fought back, like David and Goliath, and somehow managed to avoid laughing their arses off at the Segway Police.

9) Nintendo kept it quiet
With the WiiU flopping like a fish out of water, Nintendo keep things on the down-low at E3 this year, announcing very little except a line up for its doomed console:

    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
    Batman: Arkham Origins
    Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
    Deux Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut
    Disney Infinity
    Just Dance 2014
    Rayman Legends
    Scribblenauts: Unmasked
    Disney’s Planes
    Shin Megami Tensei IV
    Skylanders Swap Force
    Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    Sonic: Lost World
    Watch Dogs

That’s all folks!

8) Old series, new games
Quietly sneaking in at the back were Call of Duty Dog. Whoops…sorry… Ghosts.
Also in attendance were Splinter Cell: Blacklist – now with the much-missed Spies vs Mercs multiplayer firmly on the disk, and a new Halo – little of this was actually seen however.

7) Watch Dogs is looking ace
E3 2012 surprise winner Watch Dogs put in another strong showing, with some astonishing gameplay. I’m certainly very excited for this one, and I hope developer Ubisoft don’t screw it up at the last minute, or with silly gameplay decisions. Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s no matchmaking multiplayer… I’m looking at you.

6) Final Fantasy XV
There’s a new Final Fantasy! And it’s not another clone of the abysmal Final Fantasy 13! (Although there is one of those in the works… again.) XV looks pretty good, though I will miss the old style active time battle format perfected in Final Fantasy 7.

5) The Xbox One (Xbone)
It’s big, it’s black, it’s powerful – and Microsoft have fumbled the ball time and time again.
The future of the console hangs on whether Microsoft remember that they only make money if their products sell, and slapping your customers in the face with restrictions and always online nonsense is not the way to do it.

4) The PS4
I’ll let this video explain:

3) Battlefield 4 is just…stupid
In a hugely scripted but nevertheless entertaining stage demo, DICE showed off the sheer, terrifying depth of Battlefield 4. Far less than being the re-skin of Battlefield 3 I expected, this one is going to be huge, judging by what DICE had to show us.

2) Sony kicked Microsoft in the nuts
In an opening blow which will surely go down in the annals of the console wars, Sony casually strolled out in their conference and repeatedly kicked Microsoft right in the goolies, promising no always-online, no online check-in and as much game sharing as you want. Smooth moves. Well played Sony, well played – but will the corporation actually stick to its guns? Time will tell.

1) Battlefront Returns

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