Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mastering Assassin's Creed 3 Mulitplayer (part two)

Andy Hemphill lists the final five tips to keep your blade sharp in Assassin's Creed 3's multiplayer.

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5: Like sheep
There's nothing more difficult for a pursuer to face than a big group of moving NPCs which are all wearing the same face – one of which is actually an assassin. So, always take an ability that can turn a group of roving NPCs into copycat doubles of your character, and hide amongst them like a wolf in sheep's clothing.Crucially, let go of your controller's sticks when you join the group – let the computer control your movements. Oddly, looking too smooth in your steering around obstacles and other groups while hiding in one can make you stand out, over the jerky movements of the NPCs.

4: Line of sight
The best way to identify your target when they're in hiding in a group of identical doubles is through the line of sight meter and your compass. If your target is hiding in a big group, as you casually saunter over, try to block your line of sight – the light-up of the compass should help to identify which of the seven pretty ladies is actually a minx.

3: What's your poison?
For the best scores, use poison. I like to combine a few of the above ideas to get the highest modifier – such as being in a group, not chasing your target, and – crucially – using your poison blade to get the kill. There's nothing more satisfying than casually stroking the blade over your opponent as they wander past, clueless, then leaving them to fall as you walk away, unnoticed.

2: Crafty devil
Use your upgrade points to improve your abilities first, before you spend the vital XP on buying your favourite character that bright yellow tri-corner hat. Improving the number of NPCs you can turn into doubles with 'morph' or shortening the amount of time it takes for the poison blade to kill a target can make all the difference in a close battle, so spend wisely.

1: Patience is a virtue
Take your time. Unlike the horde of players who run about like their playing Call of Duty (and indeed are probably the age of that game's usual clientele), the best assassins are those who scope out and carefully execute their targets, without ever being seen. Remember that the best scoring kills are those done right – so four really good ones will almost always beat 10 which ended with racing battles over rooftops.


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