Thursday, June 20, 2013

Counting the cost of the PS4 and Xbox One

E3 finally revealed the prices of Sony and Microsoft's next gen consoles - with many declaring the latest battle in the console war already over. The Xbox One comes in a little steeper - which has only fanned the flames of the haters already up in arms about the DRM and online connectivity issues. With prices at £429, €499 and $499, it's clearly a big investment - something which Sony has cleverly countered by undercutting it significantly. The super sleek PS4 comes in at a slightly less eyewatering £349, €399 and $399 depending on region. 

So Sony wins the console war, right?

Not so fast. As you no doubt know, the Xbox One comes packaged with Kinect - largely explaining the price difference... conversely, Sony's slanty new console doesn't come with the updated version of its camera,the EyeToy. Knock off £80 for Kinect (still considerably less than the launch price of the original a few years back) and the console prices are equal. 

I'm not a motion control fanboy but the new Kinect gizmo looks pretty awesome - and a huge improvement on its predecessor. In fact, I'm actually quite psyched about its launch. Imagine the potential of something that is so accurate, and so flexible, and the possibilities for upcoming games are huge. It's also a strategic move by Microsoft to ensure one of these cameras is in every box. That means developers can target addons, services and gameplay that every single user can enjoy. 

Not so with the PS4. Leaving the EyeToy optional will be an interesting move and probably mean it will fall by the wayside down the line. Will people really choose to buy one rather than a game (it will retail for around $50-60 apparently)? And what really takes the biscuit is the fact that the new dual shock controllers will include a motion sensor - bumping up the price of the peripheral for everyone but being useless unless you own the camera. That will surely grate a little?

Factor in the fact that online gaming is no longer a free service either, requiring a PlayStation Plus subscription and the price differential between the two systems closes up further still.

Yes, Xbox One is expensive... but the PS4 isn't dramatically cheaper. Factor in these other issues too and it's perhaps not as clear cut as you'd think. The war will rage on!


Lol, Kinect sucks. No gamers care about the camera except the most casual ones. This is a poor, poor article.

Please excuse any spelling errors as it was written in a rush.

LMAO...this guy wants to tell us,that its better to be forced to give another 100$,than the option to get that cameras.


Such Bullshit...

Don't forget that the PS4 has better specs, and who cares about Kinect?

Nice how the person who wrote the article puts it, but you still need an xbox live subscription and you don't get discounts or free games like on ps+ so to me and i think alot of other still wins this hands down!! Heck carrying over your gamertag from your xbox360 isn't an improvement,basically all you gained on there is lost.
The X1 isn't backwards compatible,at least sony offers some form of streaming your games from gakai cloud.
All in all sony still wins this round for me.

The features of Xbox One impressed me the most. Back then when I had my ps1, I've always dreamed of something I can control using only my voice and my hands. And, with Xbox one, I finally can =P. I'm a hardcore gamer as well and now that Playstation no longer has a free internet service, I will definitely get the Xbox one first. In my opinion, both consoles are really great and both have pros and cons. You can never go wrong with what console you choose and buy!!! Have a great weekend.

The problem is that for the price of an xbox you can get a new game with your system for the price of 500$. That money just gets you an xbox and a kinnect. I for one wouldn't use it at all, my room is small so I have no use for it and I like to have the option. The kinnect itself also doesn't make up the difference in specs. Mircosoft basically said "our system isn't as strong as their's so buy this add on for a few extra gimmicks they dont have." I rather take my extra 100$ and buy a game. Only cool thing I have seen from the kinnect is that video they have where the game expands all around the wall. If they can implement that well then I would definitely justify the extra $100.

i think Sony has won the console war just because of the price

XBO has way more value than the PS4!

You don't own games with PS+. You only "rent' them as long as you pay..
The problem with the PS4 as I see it, is that Sony haven't talked very much about PS4 features. It is easier to critize things you know about XboxOne, than things you do not know about the PS4...

but the thing is, with online play playstation now wins.

Cross game chat
without ps plus on ps4? yes
without xbox live membership? No

access to Netflix, Iplayer, etc
Without ps plus on ps4? yes
Without xbox live membership on ? no

also, 1 free game permonth on ps plus on ps4 - xbox live ? if it is happening it wouldve been said.

If you're going to bring up the fact that online play is no longer free, why not bring up what you get when you DO pay for online? Does that not factor in?

On the same level, why not mention that you still have to pay for online on the XBOne?

the author is seriously grasping at straws and an onbvious MS fanboy, and im sick and tired of these fanboys trying to foll us like we are stupid. How you gonna bring up the Plus price(which is $50 a yr for 4-6 games a month) and throw that into the cost of the ps4 but not mention that you have to pay even more for xbl ($60 a yr and only 2 games til the end of the yr)? And then sit there and act like the system really cost more because of PSeye when you dont have to get it?

Sick of all these phony ass fanboys masquerading as legitimate authors on their blogs. The ps4 is a much better deal anyway you cut it, its more powerful and has better 1st party support and better development tools. The X1 is a rip off and the poduct of a company that wanted to impose some serious DRM on us! Screw you MS fanboys! And screw you MS!

Did the NSA with M$ in the development of the Kinect spy cam and the always connected to console requirement?

Its not called an EyeToy (that's the old PS2 name) please get your facts right.

Keep in mind that the Xbox One has a headset with it, while the PS4 doesn't

"Keep in mind that the Xbox One has a headset with it, while the PS4 doesn't"

Keep in mind, the ps4 come with an earbud and built in microphone on the controller. Also if you don't like their earbuds you can use your own headsets since it has a jack on the controller. So, both systems provide the same things in terms of headsets, just different options.

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Sick of all these phony ass fanboys masquerading as legitimate authors on their blogs. The ps4 is a much better deal anyway you cut it,

thanks for sharing...